At the Center of the World

(B&W HD, 9 min, Los Angeles) in collaboration with Kalliopi Lemos for Thessaloniki Biennale 5, 2015
                                                                                                                                                                                             editing still

The General

                                                      (HD, Turkey, 2014, work in progress): on ideologies
                         still from scene 1, at Trotsky's House, Buyukada Island in the Bosphorus



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         (HD/ HDV, 35 min, UK/ USA, 2013)   

          18 dreams after spinal surgery, describe psychological and external events preceding            
         the accident. Chance, fate and consciousness connect with ordinary reality, in a 
         nondiegetic semi-narrative film about film and perception
            in situ, Lethaby Gallery, London


Kodachrome 71  (HDV, 24 min, UK/ Cyprus, 2011)
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Kodachrome, a Super 8mm reversal stock, was in use from 1965 - 2011. By 1971, my birth year, it was mostly used for home movies, to record brightly coloured 20th century memory moments. Kodachrome alludes to the word chromosome, (from the Greek: chroma, colour, and soma, body), which become strongly stained with particular dyes. The film explores concepts of generational continuity, love and diversity.

Wild West (16mm, 1:1.85, 25 min, USA, 2005)

Awarded Eastman Kodak Hollywood film grant

Wild West is the story of the US's Great Basin desert, through the eyes of the land, with voice-over from interviews with the late Corbin Harney, then aged 86, Spiritual Leader of the Western Shoshone peoples, water doctor and anti-nuclear activist.  

production stills at Dante's Peak, Death Valley & Panamint Mountains dry lake bed, California
in hair & make-up, Lusheia Lenaburg, actress

We're Not In Minnesota Any More (video, 4:3, 20 min, UK, 2012)
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A circular story in four differently-genred acts, connecting times and sites in ordinary and non-ordinary reality.


Love Comes In At the Eye (35mm/ cell phone, 3.5 min, UK, 2012)

A re-edit of Cronenberg's 'Videodrome', with new sound

- Permanent show at Heartbreak Laundrette, London

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do (video, 4:3, 11 min, UK, 2011)

Imaging loss with emotional resonance, angled from 20th c. transient spaces: shock, anxiety, melodrama as a manageable site of trauma, spectacle, Modernism, Russian Constructivism, building from fracture.

" physically and psychically shocking...directly connected to perceptual dislocation and loss of sensory control." [1]

These are arrested, static, moving canvases, temporally flowing yet edited abruptly, like the disturbance of a replayed physical, emotional accident. Each environment is a broken facet of the experience, until the last image gathers a whole, retrieves a narrative.
[1] Weinbaum, Alys Eve 'Ways of Not Seeing, (En)gendered Optics in Benjamin, Baudelaire, and Freud', (2003)

Tatyana & Vera in 'Underground Forest' aka 'A Woodcutter's Tale'    
(35mm photocine, 3.5 min, USA, 2010) 
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A 35mm photocine dark comedy, drawing on the macabre underside of fairy-tales, entangled forests. Stills and flared whites arrest heightened narrative moments.

Mare Mer Mere (16mm, 12 min, USA, 2001)


A girl asleep on a horse, dreams through mesmerising movement; optically printed with superimposition; poem in Arabic

- Distributed by Iron Rod Motion Pictures, Canada

Homecoming (HDV, 7 min, Morocco/ UK, 2010)
3-screen video exploring separation and integration of self. Landscape evokes the psychological states of the characters or mind: being and seeking. Inspiration in part, was from The Awakening Conscience (1853) by William Holman Hunt, reflecting change through action in mid-motion between two points.

MaKing (16mm, 3 min, UK, 1997)

The process of change through dismemberment, forgetting and re-membering; also the artistic process itself


Journey Under Lock & Key (drawing, video, embroidery and painting, Shunt gallery space, London, 2007)

Bear (pencil on paper, height 6')
- Sold to Steven Spielberg's Art Director for Disaster Sequences




Polar bear

Ice princess

Video loop for monitor - 4 mins

Embroidered duvet, details